The Micro-Analysis of Regional Economy in China:A Perspective of Firm Relocation: 3 (Series on Chinese Economics Research)

The Micro-Analysis of Regional Economy in China:A Perspective of Firm Relocation: 3 (Series on Chinese Economics Research)

(Read free) The Micro-Analysis of Regional Economy in China:A Perspective of Firm Relocation: 3 (Series on Chinese Economics Research)

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Book Description : The book presents the comprehensive research findings on the basic features, formation mechanisms and evolution laws of Chinese enterprise migration, from the micro-perspective of enterprise migration; and on this basis, the influences from enterprise migration on industrial agglomeration and diffusion as well as the evolution of regional economy. The migration trends, power mechanisms, determining factors, structural and spatial effects of Chinese manufacturing industry have also been studied. The author also puts forward policy advice on the themes above, such as the central government should pay more attention to the fairness goals in the market economy framework; some policies should be improved to positively and reasonably guide and regulate firm relocation in China, for example, enterprises from Chinese coastal areas should be encouraged to move to the mid and west areas; the industrialization and urbanization in mid and west areas should be accelerated; the economic development should be geared to the bearing capacity of natural resources and environment; industries and economic activities should be promoted to agglomerate effectively in metropolitan regions.This book provides a comprehensive analysis on the relocation of enterprises in China, as well as the situation of China’s regional economic development. The author, Wei Houkai, as an authoritative economist on regional development of China, completed his detailed survey on China’s regional economy from this perspective of enterprise relocation, together with his research group. This book, doubtlessly, provides a valuable opportunity for readers in English world to obtain the realistic and rational messages about what is happening in China in certain domains. The author, whose policy advice has always been adopted by the government of China, raises some significant viewpoints based on his distinctive insight, which may be influencing the regional development route in China.Contents:Regional Economic Development in China: Agglomeration and Relocation (Wei Houkai)Theoretical Issues in the Current Regional Economic Development (Wei Houkai)A Critical Review of Theoretical Research on Firm Relocation (Bai Mei)Characteristics and Tendency of Enterprise Relocation in China (Wei Houkai and Bai Mei)Dynamics and Determinants of Manufacturing Location in China (Wang Yeqiang and Wei Houkai)Manufacturing Location Change in China: Structural Effects and Spatial Effects:A Test of the ldquo;Krugman Hypothesisrdquo; (Wang Yeqiang and Wei Houkai)Manufacturing Firm Relocation in East China: Tendency and Mechanism (Jiang Yuanyuan)Changes in the Location of Taiwan-Invested IT Enterprises in Mainland China and Their Relocation Decisions (Wei Houkai and Li Jing)Corporate Headquarters Relocation of Listed Companies and Wealth Transfer in China (Wei Houkai and Bai Mei)Relocation Mechanism and Spatial Agglomeration of Enterprise RD Activities (Liu Changquan)New Industrial Division and Conflict Management in Metropolitan Area mdash; Based on the Perspective of Industrial Chain Division (Wei Houkai)Analysis of Urban Industrial Relocation’s Incentive, Approaches and Effects mdash; Taking Beijing as an Example (Fu Xiaoxia, Wei Houkai and Wu Lixue)Readership: Graduate students, researchers and professionals interested in enterprise migration in China, in particular the influences of enterprise migration on industrial agglomeration and diffusion.